Commercial Solar Design & Installation

Commercial solar design and installation

Getting the right solar design for your commercial property is essential to reducing overheads and making your business practices greener. We can create solar power systems to suit all manner of commercial properties including: office buildings, medical centres, hotels, malls, retail stores, warehouses, rural properties and garages. Our knowledgeable technicians will come out to you and assess your property to solidify a solar design that will fit your needs and budget.

Commercial Solar Design & Installation | Australia | Guardian Group Solar

During our initial consultation, we will consider property layout, orientation and aesthetics to create a solar energy system that will enhance the value of your investment. We can work with all roof types and fully optimise the space available to ensure maximum power generation. With the right quantity and placement of solar panels you will be able to generate enough power to cover your monthly power usage and reduce your current electricity costs.

Specialised solar design for businesses and commercial properties

Interested in our commercial solar service? Contact Guardian Group Solar today. Give us a call or request a free quote online. We specialise in solar design and installation for commercial properties. We also offer ongoing support and maintenance, so you can expand your solar power system with your Australian business. With the addition of more solar panels and solar batteries, you can decrease overheads, increase your savings and contribute to a cleaner future.

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At Guardian Group Solar, we believe that a solar power system can change your future for the better. We want to eliminate costly electricity bills for you and your family and help you achieve a debt free future.

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At Guardian Group Solar, we’re committed to a greener, more sustainable future. Our solar power systems are designed to make your property self-sufficient, so you can enjoy a commercial property with minimal electricity costs.

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At Guardian Group Solar, we want to help set you up for the future, by delivering a product you can afford with a service you can trust. We want all Australian homes and businesses to access affordable Solar Energy.

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While solar panel installation has become increasing popular in the past decade, there is another solar competent that is also fast growing in Australia – solar batteries.